These person centered training products are designed to help individuals live a better quality of life. The flow on effect this that organisations and agencies become more productive.

Take Control of Your Life

Understand the "Why"

Take Control of Your Life is a high end online training program that helps people understand the real reasons why they might be struggling mentally or emotionally in life and gives people the map to take control, feel better inside and start to lead a better quality of life. The aim is to help people feel more empowered and motivated about their future.

In this comprehensive training, Heidi introduces people to her unique emotional fitness methodology and provides a path to create a better life.

Heidi's aim is to expose and normalise the hidden struggles. With awareness, people are empowered to address their core issues. The process involves looking within to improve the relationship you have with yourself, others and life in general.

The training consists of 12 video lessons and associated activities that are released over a 4 week period to give people time to digest and act upon the information.

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The Hub's Membership

Heidi knows that mental health is no different to physical health - it needs to be continually worked at! That's why she created the Hub membership (known as The Emotional Fitness Gym) which provides ongoing training and support in the form of weekly lessons to keep emotional fitness a priority.

The Emotional Fitness Gym offers a real person centered approach as people are able to view the weekly content as well as engage with all the archived content that is relevant to their particular needs.

Heidi continually develops her own content for the gym and also brings in guests to share their knowledge and expertise relevant to emotional fitness. Heidi often recommends books, movies, videos and articles to solidify her teaching points. The ultimate aim is to help members live a better quality of life.

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